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Important Factors to Look For Before Hiring the Man and Van Service

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The necessity of changing the house or shifting to a new place may arise at any time and from anywhere without any prior indication. A large number of people in this world stay in rented house where change of the destination is quite natural. Not only this, you may have to change your office or business at any time. And there is no doubt that this is a job full of headache. This is a responsible job and obviously time-consuming. The most sought after solution of such detrimental situation is a reliable man and van service. They are the best choice for the entire shifting process.

And this service is extremely popular in the UK. The people here rely on professional man and van service provider for shifting to new destinations. If you are looking for a man and van service in London, you will find many companies but you need to be careful at the time of hiring. Here are some factors you need to keep in mind.

Hire the best man and van service provider for convenient moving

  • First of all, the service provider has to be reliable at all cost. You cannot deal with an unreliable company. The company should have a decent experience of working in this field.
  • The service provider should have the capability of handling all kinds of household stuffs including furniture and other electronic appliances.
  • The service has to be insured so that you can rest assured about the safety of your products from any kind of mishap during the transportation.
  • The driver who will drive the van should be well-aware of all the locations in London. This will make the process more convenient.
  • The process of booking the service should be convenient. Make sure that the service is available round the clock because you never know when you will need to move.
  • And finally, the cost of the service has to be within the budget. You should consult about the cost before hiring the service.

When you keep all these factors in mind, you will definitely be able to choose the right man and van service in London. This will make the process of moving to new destination much easier and convenient.

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Moving Office – Moving Tips

As a specialist when it comes to office removals, we know that keeping your move on track is vital to ensure the office relocation does not come at the expense of disruption or missed deadlines. Hiring a reliable office removal company is vital to achieving this goal, as it takes a number of skills to make sure this happens to an established timetable. Whatever the scale and scope of the project, Helping2Move can provide effective logistical assistance and support.

Helping2Move provides a definitive moving service that covers every aspect of your move, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your office equipment is being handled professionally and securely. Our drivers take any phones, computers, networks, servers and all other IT equipment, as well as any other items that you nominate, and deliver them to your new premises in a safe, secure and prompt manner.

As well as help during the actual move, our expert removal staff can give advice and guidance to companies seeking to move premises, as we understand how daunting this can seem. Making sure your business is in the best possible position to move is essential, so we recommend thoroughly planning ahead, noting down any requirements exactly as well as drawing up a realistic office relocation budget under the authority of an appointed person within the company.

Just by knowing in advance what you want to achieve and planning accordingly, you can both design and create the office environment you want to come into, complete with any fittings and installation work such as IT systems. This means that your employees can come back into a welcoming and functional workplace ready to pick up where they left off. Office removals have acquired a reputation as a stressful experience which can be fraught with operational issues, and Helping2Move firmly believes that communication and motivational skills the key to keeping to a firm schedule.

We understand that each job carries its own unique challenges, and the best people to address these are the people on the ground. That is why we keep all of our customers in the loop at all times, with all resources and equipment necessary to carry out a stress free move. In addition to our experience and knowledge in undertaking office removals, our company also have the equipment and vehicles to ensure a careful and efficient move with a minimum of anxiety, making us an excellent specialist in office moves. All of our medium wheelbase vehicles (length: 3m, width: 1.7m, height: 1.85m) are ideal for transporting office furniture and equipment.

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Helping2Move Joins Google+

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Recently Helping2Move has rejoined Google+, our business page will allow us to keep in contact with our customers and also keep everyone up to date with the latest developments in regard to our Man and a Van service. Please visit the page and start following us at

By Leonardo Barros at Helping2Move
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Man with a Van London Moving Tips

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Your London Man and Van has some moving tips for you.

Collect supplies: Try to estimate what you’ll need and make sure you have enough on hand. Start collecting boxes from your place of work, from friends or from stores. Or purchase moving kits or packing kits online or from moving companies.

Pack non-essentials: Start packing items you can do without. If you’re moving in the summer, pack all your winter clothes, sports equipment and heavy blankets.

Before you start packing: select the range of packing supplies that you will need to make the job easier. You will need protective wrap for your delicate belongings, bubble wrap is the ideal way to protect your electrical items such as T.V and Stereo, or particularly delicate items such as crystal.

Label: Each time you pack a box, use your marker pen to label where they are to be unloaded and also write the contents on the side. Always stack plates upright on their sides, making sure you wrap them individually in tissue and clearly mark “Fragile” on the outside of cartons.

Weight: Keep boxes to 40 lbs or less. Put heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes.

Put important documents and valuable items in a safe place and keep them with you during the move. Sort through your belongings and throw out anything you do not really need.

Finally on the moving day:
1. Record all utility meter readings (gas, electric, water).
2. Make final walk-through of house, including cellar, attic, wardrobes and cupboards, to make sure they are empty.
3. Lock all windows and doors.

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