Change of Address Notifications

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Change of Address Notifications

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During your house move, you will be so busy with packing and logistics, you will probably forget to notify people of your change of address and will do it randomly as it comes up. Your Man with a Van Tip for the best way not to miss notifying anyone is to make a list.  Conveniently listed below are the people you should have on your list.

If it is too tedious to do this one by one, you can always use a change of address service who will do this for you.

A helpful reminder of who you should notify of your house move:

  • Your family and friends
  • Your mobile phone provider
  • The utility companies
  • Your banks and credit cards
  • Your children’s schools and tutors
  • Any local association, club or meeting you belong to
  • Any magazine or newspaper subscriptions
  • Any storecards or loyalty cards
  • Any frequent flyer cards so you don’t miss out on the specials
  • Your workplace
  • Home security companies
  • Your local authority for council taxes, etc
  • Car and home insurance companies
  • Your libraries

Post redirection

You may actually notify the Post Office of your move and set up the time frame for your mail to be forwarded to your new location. This easy and stress free way of announcing your relocation is one of the most popular ways of conveniently letting everyone know that you are moving house. It might also be useful to sign up for the post office’s redirection service in case you have overlooked certain companies or organisations as the post office will then be able to redirect any mail that was originally sent to your old address and redirect it to your new one, whether that be in the UK or even overseas.

You can sign up to have your mail redirected for one, three, six or twelve months for up to 2 years although there is a charge for this service. All this can be done easily online or just pop into the post office to get a form and do it on the phone. It is definitely worth the peace of mind to ensure that all mail gets redirected to you as there may be bills which you have overlooked and you are bound to forget to notify some companies that occasionally send you catalogs and brochures. This way you can will not miss any mail from distant friends and relatives who tend to send you Christmas or birthday cards that you might have forgotten to notify.

Change of Address cards

Some people like to use personalised Change of Address cards to let others know that they would be moving to other location. This is even much easier and very elegant solution as we can all print the cards at home and be able to add any unique touches to the cards as we want. Other people just buy some nicely colored stock cards, add their unique personal message and even the pictures of their new home and send this out to all the relevant people they want to notify of their move. This might be a nice activity to involve your children and is a good way to keep them busy and occupied.

Not everyone has the time and energy to create their unique change of address cards even though it might be fun to do. You can contact a local card printing service to do the job for you or you can simply search online to get some professional and reasonably priced services from specialist printers. Whichever option you choose, just make sure that you start by making a list so you don’t miss out any essential communications. Helping 2 Move’s man and van service for all London postcodes offers small removals and deliveries starting with flat rates from £40 to any part of London. Please checkout our man and van London for more information or book online.

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