Man with a Van London Moving Tips

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Man with a Van London Moving Tips

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Your London Man and Van has some moving tips for you.

Collect supplies: Try to estimate what you’ll need and make sure you have enough on hand. Start collecting boxes from your place of work, from friends or from stores. Or purchase moving kits or packing kits online or from moving companies.

Pack non-essentials: Start packing items you can do without. If you’re moving in the summer, pack all your winter clothes, sports equipment and heavy blankets.

Before you start packing: select the range of packing supplies that you will need to make the job easier. You will need protective wrap for your delicate belongings, bubble wrap is the ideal way to protect your electrical items such as T.V and Stereo, or particularly delicate items such as crystal.

Label: Each time you pack a box, use your marker pen to label where they are to be unloaded and also write the contents on the side. Always stack plates upright on their sides, making sure you wrap them individually in tissue and clearly mark “Fragile” on the outside of cartons.

Weight: Keep boxes to 40 lbs or less. Put heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes.

Put important documents and valuable items in a safe place and keep them with you during the move. Sort through your belongings and throw out anything you do not really need.

Finally on the moving day:
1. Record all utility meter readings (gas, electric, water).
2. Make final walk-through of house, including cellar, attic, wardrobes and cupboards, to make sure they are empty.
3. Lock all windows and doors.

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